Re:Framed Blog 6: Holden as the original teen

I find that as odd as Holden can be, he does really have aspects that you can relate to as a teenager. Holden doesn’t care much about school, which is a view many teens have. At least for me, that is false, because I do want to get the best out of my education as I can. He also is very socially awkward, which is something that comes with everyone. I can promise you that every teen has had at least a few socially awkward moments, as it is part of growing up. Sudden out breaks of anger, or being jealous are all parts of teenagers and life. Wanting to know what happened to someone else is something I personally get alot, and its totally a big part of being a teenager. All of these are reflected in Holden, and most likely refleced in you, the average teenager.

I learned that through blogging, podcasting, and reading Catcher in the Rye, that there is so much to being a teen that you don’t always realize. I now know that there are so many more ways to enjoy life, and ways you can view adolecence. This was a very interesting project, and I learned alot from being right in the middle of it.


Re:Framed Blog 5: Teens and Technology

Technology is huge right now. If you know how to use it at a expert level, you can be almost guaranteed a job. Technology is leading the world of innovation, and almost every new thing is based off it. And what is the one things teens are good at? Technology use. We grew up with it. When we were about 7 or 8, all of these new, cool things came out. You get your first iPod, then maybe a phone, and a iPhone. Using technology is like a code imprinted in your mind. For the most part, it is very easy to understand once you know what you are doing. The point I am trying to get to here is that teens and tech are so closely related in life. We grew up with it, causing us to be the experts at it.
In Holden’s life, there isn’t much technology. I would assume they have phones, but I can’t recall any memories of a specific mention of a phone or something like that. If Holden had a Facebook or Instagram, I think it might be a kind of dark one. Based on his interactions with real life people, his social media probably would be kind of dull. He might find friends through this, and make the ‘depression’ or ‘lonliness’ disapear. He could really enjoy social media, or it might be something that he really dislikes. It would be hard to tell from tthe perspective of the story, since technology is such a small part in his life.

New Warriors Stadium? Good or bad for the Giants?

With plans for a new stadium for the Golden State Warriors coming together, theres one question remains. Will the new stadium affect the Giants? Obviously, it would boost local economy, because there could be at any one time upwards of 90,000 people in a pretty small area along the Embarcadero. I think the biggest concern would indeed be the parking. Already, without the Warriors here, traffic is pretty cramped, and although there are some secret spots to park, it still gets very crowded if you don’t come early. But, will the Warriors coming here be good? I think it will be. Although parking will be horrific, I think it can be a booster for fans of both teams to go to each other’s games. Personally, I haven’t been to a Warriors game, but I might consider it more if it is near AT&T Park.

It also could a opportunity for the Warriors and Giants to partner, and offer deals such as something like “Buy two giants tickets, get a Warriors ticket for free!” Obviously, these are all just simple speculations that could happen if the Warriors stadium does end up getting approved, something I hope for and I’m sure many others do to.

And yet, there is another questions that could impact the Giants. Will the A’s moving away impact the at all. Come back next time as I will analyze the details of the A’s moving south.

Re:Framed Blog 4: Relationships and Teens

As you near your teenage years, relationships start to grow. Most likely, you have had strong relationships with your close family and close friends. But, as you grow older, you meet new people and begin to grow relationships with people you might not have known last year. It is a time of growing, through middle school and high school. You make great friends, you try new things, and your old friends might leave. Teens begin to explore this aspect of life in 6th grade, when you are first put in classes with people you don’t know. From there, you meet more and more people along the road of life.

Holden has his fair share of relationships. He always seems like he could mess it up again, and sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn’t. He’s very socially awkward, and doesn’t really want to talk or hang out with many people. Recently, I got to the part where he goes on a date, around page 120, and what could you guess happens? He messes it all up by calling his date a “royal pain in the ass.” The girl completely disregards him and leaves, and this is just another example of ¬†flaws within Holden.

AT&T Park: The Innovation

attparkPersonally, I have not been to Candlestick Park. I heard how bad it was. Every night the wind was horrid, it was out of your way, and worst of all, it just was not so pleasing to be at. After 2000, there was nothing to worry about. The Giants opened AT&T park to the world for the 2000 season. Since then, it has been the home of the Giants, and honestly, almost 14 years after opening, it is still in very, very good shape. This park is so special in so many ways. Splash hits into McCovey Cove, Ghirardelli Sundaes, Garlic fries, the glove and the Coke Bottle in the left field bleachers all are unique to AT&T park. Though it is still very cold on night games, I can’t imagine it could be worse than the infamous Candlestick Park. And, just to make it better, AT&T park is home to the Giants. The team that has brought home two championships in the past 4 years. AT&T park was possibly the nicest ballpark when it opened in 2000, but now, after 14 seasons, some good and some bad, it still ranked at the very top of all stadiums. The backdrop is by far the nicest because instead of looking into the city like many ballparks are, you get to see the beautiful San Francisco Bay at its best, and the glowing Oakland hills on a clear summer night, as the sun sets over the bay. I really do feel that AT&T park was a innovation to ballparks, because it shows the effects of a perfect location plus incredible design mixed together.

Re:Framed Blog 3: A Complex Teen Life

The teen life is complex. From school to social to free time, there is always something in the way. Whether you have a fantastic social life, great grades, or ok social life, ok grades, etc, the teen life is complex. What do you want to do in life? Now my grades actually matter. Getting bad grades is something colleges and employers might look at. And my friends don’t want to hang out with me, or they are mean. All of this could happen to you, and some of it has happened to me. It’s a hard time in life. Now my body is growing, and I’m mad sometimes, and incredibly energetic and happy the next day. Just more stuff to add on to my life. Oh wait, did I say getting up at 7am. Yea, I wish I could get up at 8:45 or 9 every morning. I really wish I slept until 10 or 11, but it just doesn’t happen. Not sure why, but my body is just like that. What if you have a bad family? That doesn’t support you, such as Hannah? Well now your teen life is REALLY complex, and potentially bad. Or Holden from Catcher in The Rye, where you just don’t care for school. These are all valid opinions on how someones teenage life could play out, whether it be complex, simple, or in the middle.

Cool Blogs

As I was looking around blogs about baseball and the Giants, I came across 3 that caught my attention. All of them were very good posts, and really went into the post topic well. Here they are:

This post(above) is a great article about the World Series(Game 6 in particular), and gives a vivid overview of the matchup, and predictions. Too bad the Cardinals lost :(.

This post goes over the Giants and the season overall. It includes great photos and in depth descriptions of the Giants and baseball.

The final blog is one of my friends, and this too is a great post. He vividly explains baseball, and what he wished he knew before he started playing. Great write up!